About Winning Streak Ventures

Founded in the shadow of Silicon Valley, Winning Streak Ventures is pushing the envelope of what's possible with venture capital in Sacramento, California. We’re meticulous about our work, taking the time to precisely analyze investment opportunities before deciding which to get involved with.  


Our venture capital fund invests in disruptive technology companies at their earliest stages, then pours the collective talents of our team into helping them scale rapidly. We provide advice, connections, and hands on assistance in areas like fundraising, leadership team development, corporate structure, sales and go-to-market strategy. Our high level of involvement with our portfolio companies increases their odds for success and accelerates their progression to a successful exit.


In addition to this core strategy, Winning Streak has the tremendous advantage of our boutique size. This makes us highly selective and nimble. It also allows us to capitalize on high return opportunities that larger firms must pass on for scale. All the while, we maintain close relationships with some of the leading firms in the industry and invest alongside them at larger scale when it makes sense.


For investors, we are an ideal vehicle for the higher risk/reward portion of your portfolio. For entrepreneurs, we provide the capital and assistance to help you succeed.


For more information as either entrepreneur or investor, please contact us to learn more.